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Loker Akuntansi: PT Thiess Contractors Indonesia (Thiess Indonesia)

Loker Akutansi - PT Thiess Contractors Indonesia (Thiess Indonesia) merupakan perusahaan yang didirikan pada tahun 1988 dan merupakan anak perusahaan dari Thiess Pty Ltd yang dimiliki sepenuhnya oleh CIMIC Group. Thiess Indonesia merupakan perusahaan kontraktor swasta terbesar di Indonesia yang bergerak di bidang sumber daya, engineering proses, infrastruktur dan sektor pembangkit listrik.


The Thiess Graduate Program provides graduates with an opportunity to learn and develop while working at various mining operations. Graduates will receive structured on the job training, guided learning plans and leadership mentoring. Over the two-year program, graduates will undertake site rotations with placements in various roles and projects. 

Program Opportunities: 
  1. Mechanical engineering 
  2. Mining engineering 
  3. Geodesy & geomatics engineering 
  4. Industrial engineering 
  5. Law 
  6. Communications 
  7. Accounting 
  8. Finance 
  9. Civil engineering 
  10. Geological engineering 
  11. Occupational health & safety 
  12. Computer science 
  13. Electrical engineering 
  14. Informatics engineering 
  15. Information systems 
  16. Environmental engineering 
About you 
  1. Fresh graduate or final year student who possess a relevant university degree with less than two years of work experience 
  2. Possess a minimum GPA of 2.75 out of 4.00 
  3. Willing to work in remote locations on a roster and undertake site rotations 
  4. Eager learner who is actively involved in extracurricular, student organisation and/or community activities 
  5. Aligned with Thiess culture and principles 
  6. Fluent in English 
  7. Women are highly welcomed and strongly encouraged to apply. 
How to apply 
This role is an opportunity to take the next step in your career. With our culture of recognition, development, and a stimulating and satisfying work environment, there is no better time to join Thiess.

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